Superhero’s are popular! Every year kids desire to be superhero’s on dress up days, at Halloween, or anytime they are allowed to dress themselves… Dreaming of being a superhero is fun, but do you know some details about Superhero’s? Where was Superman’s Fortress of Solitude located?
1. Downtown Metropolis
2. Under the Ocean
3. Gotham City
4. Arctic Circle
Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was made of massive crystals and all sorts of weird and wonderful treasures, such as a robot assistant and the entire Kyptonian city of Kandor shrunk down and locked in a bottle. Superman had to travel to an undisclosed secret spot in the Arctic Circle for his solitude, but originally his hideout was in the mountains near Metropolis and was called the “Secret Citadel.”

Another thing you might not realize about Superhero’s is that there are hundreds of hero’s…. many of whom we don’t even know! We know the ones that are popular such as Superman, Batman, Ironman, Thor, and the Hulk, but what about others such as “Arm-Fall-off Boy” (believe it or not he is real!). Here are some others you may not know: The Eternals – introduced in 1976; Spectrum – who had the power to change her body into any type of energy; Morbius – also called the Living Vampire; or The Runaways who were average teenagers fighting their parents who were super villains known as the Pride.

So here is the question – do you, as a leader, recognize yourself as a superhero? Superhero’s are not about themselves… they are about helping others. As a leader our role is to help others succeed and thus advance the company and the good for everyone. Exceptional leaders are a lot like Superhero’s if they are focused on their team and what they, as the leader, needs to do in order to open opportunities for their team to succeed. You might ask, what is your superpower as a leader? Perhaps it is asking questions like a coach. Maybe it is making introductions to other leaders in order to open doors for a rising star. It could be demonstrating patience, wisdom, and understanding in the midst of a crisis. Think about yourself as a leader and begin to recognize your superpower and how you will use that moving forward in order to help