Which animal has only 1 toe on each foot?
1. Cow
2. Horse
3. Goat
4. Platypus

Its ancestors were multi-toed, but over time as this animal grew larger, their feet evolved to accommodate their changed bodies. Originally they had side toes, but as their load increased and their bodies grew larger, the middle toe became the primary toe and eventually eliminated the side toes. Per the Smithsonian, the genus Equus, which includes horses, donkeys, rhinos, and zebras, is the only living group of animals to have only 1 toe, or hoof as we call it today.

The hoof, as you might imagine, is of vital importance to the horse. The phrase “no hoof, no horse” underlines how critical the health and strength of the hoof is to the soundness of the horse. As the hoof has evolved over a long period of time, the hoof can also change in the short-term (days/weeks) and in the mid-term (lifespan).

As leaders we can, and should, evolve and become stronger and more capable of handling different situations. With animals, they evolve in order to adapt to what is happening in their world. As leaders, we should evolve in order to adapt to our people and because we have learned new and better ways to lead our people and our companies. Our skills as a leader grow in the short-term (days/weeks), in the mid-term
(our current role), and in the long-term (our career). We also grow as leaders from generation to generation as people evolve and develop different needs that a leader should fulfill. Look today for opportunities to grow and evolve as a leader and become stronger and better in the role you fill.