They are not a plant, an animal, or fungi. They are something altogether different, but beautiful…. And no, they are not from the movie Avatar, they are actually real! They are tiny mushrooms known as Myxomycetes. They typically grow on decayed logs and sticks and are only a maximum of 2 millimeters tall.

Since these tiny mushrooms and slime mold are so small they are very seldom seen by the naked eye. It takes a special camera lens, magnifying glass, or some means of enlarging these very special creatures. Without this deep, intense look so many of the unique features of these tiny mushrooms and slime mould would be missed.

As a leader and a supervisor how often do we stop long enough to take a closer look at our people to notice the unique qualities that each of them bring. Each person comes to us with characteristics that are easy to see and build upon, but they also have small, almost undistinguishable, amazing qualities. Being an exceptional leader means taking time to listen and pay attention to the distinctive aspects of each person.