Millennials and Gen Z are becoming CEOs at a very young age. Many are leading with passion and integrity. They are living The NOW and are not waiting until it is “their turn”. I can’t say what is good or bad about this, but I would agree with the Snap-on CEO, a Boomer, who says, “you cannot dismiss the needs of The NOW in favor of the possibilities of the future without significant and thoughtful consideration.”

One of the youngest CEOs is actually from Generation Alpha. At the age of 6, Lily Adeleye is the CEO of Lily Frilly. If you haven’t ever heard of this company, but have an interest in bows or bright, frilly hair accessories, you should check it out. Lily’s mom, beauty maven, Courtney Adeleye, saw her talent, passion, and love for creating bows and encouraged her. This encouragement was all it took for Lily to learn and ultimately, with the help of her mom, start her own company. She now has deals with Target and Walmart and will make approximately $2M in 2021.

Lily’s mom saw the passion and natural business mindset and decided to nurture this direction instead of waiting until she “grew up.” She didn’t want to withhold her assistance until Lily was an adult, so she helped and guided Lily in her quest for bright, frilly hair accessories.

You are probably not 6 years old and reading this blog, but what is The NOW for you? What are you waiting to happen before you pursue your dream? Don’t dismiss The NOW in favor of the possibilities of the future.