Never Quit!

You would never guess that there is a connection between the 2016 bombing of the Brussels Airport and the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo… but there is and it involves someone who refused to give up and refused to quit! Beatrice de Lavalette started riding horses as soon as she could stay upright on one. Her [...]

2021-09-13T15:24:34+00:00 |


Millennials and Gen Z are becoming CEOs at a very young age. Many are leading with passion and integrity. They are living The NOW and are not waiting until it is “their turn”. I can’t say what is good or bad about this, but I would agree with the Snap-on CEO, a Boomer, who says, [...]

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Superman and Other Superhero’s

Superhero’s are popular! Every year kids desire to be superhero’s on dress up days, at Halloween, or anytime they are allowed to dress themselves… Dreaming of being a superhero is fun, but do you know some details about Superhero’s? Where was Superman’s Fortress of Solitude located? 1. Downtown Metropolis 2. Under the Ocean 3. Gotham [...]

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