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Invest in Your Team – Log Home Leadership

In 2013 we purchased 10 acres of land with the vision that we would build our dream home, a Log Home. The land was absolutely beautiful, and the view and peace of Osage County are beyond compare. The decision to invest in land with a vision of building is not something to be taken lightly. [...]

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If you learned to drive before Mapquest, likely you used an Atlas to find your way around on longer trips.  Today, you might wonder why anyone would have interest in an Atlas, but consider a new project being undertaking to create the first Atlas of Scotland in over 100 years.  What will the purpose be? [...]

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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”  This was said by the famous artist Picasso.  Picasso had his own style throughout his life and pushed the boundaries in many ways about how his art showed up.  So many times his art showed his personal beliefs, specifically his painting [...]

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