In 2013 we purchased 10 acres of land with the vision that we would build our dream home, a Log Home. The land was absolutely beautiful, and the view and peace of Osage County are beyond compare. The decision to invest in land with a vision of building is not something to be taken lightly. This was a significant financial investment with no immediate return. We imagined what it might be like to live in this space, but we were far from that point.

For 5 years, we paid taxes and dreamed, but we were still investing without the return of living there.

Investing in land is a must if you plan on building. Believing you made the right decision is critical for happiness in the long run.

In leading others, making that step toward investing in your team is important to the growth of your team. Just as investing in our land was a big first step, investing in your team and believing in them creates a space of trust and growth. Investing in your team means getting to know them and learning what makes them special. What are they passionate about, what motivates them, how do they communicate best, what makes each of them unique. Understanding all of this allows you to lead each person and create a synergy that allows your team to thrive!