In today’s pandemic fatigued world it would be nice to “see something you don’t see everyday!” Well, in Ontario Canada at the Chartwell Parkhill Long Term Care Facility they received that gift. One day the residents saw something on the other side of their windows that you certainly don’t see everyday…. Unless, of course, you work at an Alpaca farm.

Sylvan Alpacas loaded up Ned, Floyd, and Jimmy and decided to bring some cheer to the long term care residents. These residents, as well as most of the rest of us, need cheering up from time to time. They need encouragement, fun, and the ability to engage. Ned, Floyd, and Jimmy gave them just that. These Alpacas are different sizes, have different personalities, are inquisitive, have different hairstyles and colors and they bring the opportunity to engage with people…. And windows. The Alpacas are fascinated with their reflection so looking in the window is right up their ally! The Alpacas might not know exactly what each person needs, but by being present, engaging and looking in the window, they offer a much needed sense of recognition and encouragement.

As leaders, we should offer this sense of recognition and encouragement to our employees. We may not know exactly what someone needs, but being present and listening is a great start. Each of our people have different personalities, needs, and dreams and we can only learn about these if we listen and ask questions. Once we learn, we can then engage and provide what someone needs in the moment.