As I mentioned in a previous blog, we built our dream log home a couple of years ago. You might think that building a house is building a house. Not much difference between a timber home, a stick home (as the traditional house is called) or a log home, right? Well, not quite. Each type of home has their process and things you need to know. With the Log home we
needed to know about maintenance and care of the logs before we even started building. We needed to know the difference between log siding and real logs; custom logs and milled logs; D-logs and round logs; dove tail and butt and pass. We needed to understand insulation and logs and to know about checks in logs and how they should be cared for. There was a lot we didn’t know about log homes – so we had to find experts and learn.

In leading others you can’t imitate someone else with your leadership style and truly find success for yourself. Eventually you must learn your own process, use your own strengths, and research what you need to know to be the best leader YOU can be. Leading, just like building a log home, means you must ask questions, learn skills, find answers to things you don’t know and ultimately build your skills to create the leadership style that fits you.