Over the last several months, the fires in Oregon and California, and now Colorado are taking a toll on land, animals, property, and most importantly people.  Many of the pictures we have seen have a red hue which is caused by a phenomenon called Mie scattering, in which pollution (such as smoke particles) blocks out parts of the visible light spectrum, absorbing blues and greens.  The heavy smoke and deep red sky give things almost a Mars-like look.  

This Mie scattering phenomenon mentioned above happens when portions of the light spectrum are blocked.  If we view those that we work with or those who work for us, like the light spectrum, then we should always strive to allow all the colors of the spectrum to show up every day.  These are our differences, the things that make us unique, the colors of our thoughts and beliefs.  Each day we should ask ourselves, “As a leader am I creating pollution that blocks out the creativity of the people that work with me?”