Did you know that there is a 6000 ton organism? It is one of those curious things, but there is and it is a 106-acre grove of Aspen trees! What is so amazing is that this grove, known as the Pando, is a single organism because all 47,000 of its trees come from a single aspen tree. The aspen tree grows upward, but its roots grow laterally beneath the soil.  The other aspen trees come from shoots that are sent up from the roots of the existing tree.

I’m sure you could make plenty of connections here, but what I see is that the single aspen is the leader who has the opportunity to produce many other leaders who will continue to grow upward becoming stronger and stronger as time goes along. The single aspen must be strong and provide plenty of root structure in order for the shoots to grow.  The shoots must be able to count on the single aspen for growth.  As the leader you must be strong, yet provide plenty of assistance to those who work for you.  These developing leaders are looking to you for guidance, advice, coaching, and ultimately growth.  Without you they may not succeed, but with you as a strong leader they have the opportunity to become just as strong and growing.