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“Trigger action and build knowledge when you bring in this dynamic Triathlete to engage your team in an interactive learning environment.”

Who Am I?

A competitive triathlete, two knee replacements, preachers kid, college athlete, fun – all of these words describe Nancy Gunter.  Dynamic, engaging, humble, knowledgeable and passionate – those are words used to describe Nancy as a speaker and trainer.  She engages with the audience in a humorous, yet informative way, giving the opportunity for people to open up, broaden their perspective and learn.

Nancy’s passion for learning and in turn teaching others and opening minds is tremendous.  She uses her humor as well as group interaction to create opportunities for sharing wisdom and knowledge.

Nancy is the Chief Learning Officer for the YMCA of Greater Tulsa and has worked for YMCAs in North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, California, and Oklahoma. In May 2008 Nancy finished her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership. Her graduate project was on retaining the generations through supervision where she did research for two years on the four generations at work.  She has continued her research of the generations and most recently the 5th generation that is just starting to enter the workforce.

Nancy has been a speaker for a variety of companies including Oklahoma State University, Meridian Technology Center, City of Stillwater, Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Oneok Gas Company, YMCAs from coast to coast, Littlefield Advertising Agency, and many others.

Nancy is a member of the National Speakers Association as well as Exceptional Leaders Lab.  She presents on many topics related to leadership and self-development.  She has also studied Emotional Intelligence for the last 17 years and the impact it has on the work environment.  She has led many sessions on Emotional Intelligence guiding organizations in understanding why people act and react like they do.  Nancy specializes in speaking on Generational Differences, Emotional Intelligence, and Why People Do the Things They Do.

Due to her love for adventure and activity, Nancy has traveled extensively reaching five continents and training on three of them.  Nancy also enjoys all types of sports and continues to participate in sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman triathlons.